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Life Drawing Art Workshops – 7th Sept – 16th Nov – Friday Afternoons

7th Sept to 16th Nov. Fridays 1 pm – 4 pm
(half term break 26th Oct)
£12 per session. Pay on the day or pre-book the term to reserve your placePainting Picture


These classes have been designed for individuals who wish to draw, paint and cultivate their creative skills, either for leisure or to update their professional practice. Each session is delivered by an experienced art tutor who will introduce the group to a variety of techniques and assorted visual vocabulary, and offer support in developing specific interests and aspirations. Each member of the group will be encouraged to progress within a stimulating, sympathetic and energising environment.
Life Drawing 
These classes woman enjoying art class at ciccicare open to individuals of all abilities who wish to develop their life drawing skills. We work in a creative, sympathetic environment using a variety of poses and models. In order to expand your visual vocabulary we encourage critical research and experimentation, and an exhaustive investigation into techniques, methods and materials. Anatomical studies, personalised expression, perspective, tone and colour, line, gesture and proportion are covered in depth.

Who’s it For

For anyone who wants to explore colour, painting and their own ideas.

What You Need to Bring

A sketch book, pencils and basic paint set either acrylic or watercolour.
Tony Girardot is a very experienced professional artist with many accreditation’s who will help you to explore new ways of looking and approaching life drawing. He has exhibited widely and has a friendly and insightful nature bringing you an accessible style to his tutoring.

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

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