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Biodanza – The Amazing International Dance-based System!

The classes are held on Wednesdays: The next block of six is 13th  January – 24th February 2016  (With a break on 17th Feb) 8 pm to 9.30pm (door opens at 7.45 pm). These classes are on-going and payable in advance in blocks.
Cost per person £40 per block of 6 classes. Contact Jill on 01278 734538 or 07765 961982
Max No: 30.


Developed by South American anthropologist Rolando Toro, Biodanza is an international heart-opening dance-based system for expansion, health, nurture and pleasure. It is a conscious embodiment of the best of who we are. The result is to bring more of ourselves to our life and relationships: to feel more healthy, joyful, open and confident. It’s been shown on UK TV several times; it uses dance, world music, free and guided movement; and although not a therapy, its effects can be very therapeutic.

In Detail

Classes begin with dances of arrival and rhythmic integration, allowing time to warm the body up and to begin to drop the busy-ness of the head and come into a deeper awareness of the body, tuning in to the physical sensations of life. The facilitator explains each dance to the group, often giving a demonstration of their interpretation of the intention. The group is then invited to dance their dance…
This could be the group dancing together but as individuals, in pairs or small groups or all together as a group, using natural movements. As the class progresses, the dances become less energetic and outwardly expressive, encouraging deceleration, dropping more into feeling the experience of life rather than the usual head driven analysis of everything. It is in this slowed down space that the rejuvenating benefits of Biodanza works. As we slow down, these interactions take on more intensity and a deeper sense of awareness develops. The class ends with one or two dances of activation, bringing us back so we leave the class with a greater than usual sense of joy and well-being.

Biodanza tutor Jill Goodwin

Biodanza tutor Jill Goodwin

Who’s it For

These classes are for adults and no previous dance experience is required, there are no set steps we simply create dances inspired by music, natural movements and emotion. Participants do not need to come with a partner. There is usually a wide age range. It is accessible to all because it is not about learning to dance and is not about performance. Participants are encouraged to dance their dance to the level that feels right to them in the moment.

Attendee Benefits

Biodanza is a cumulative process in that the more it is experienced the more benefits are gained and therefore attending a weekly class is the best way of doing this. Biodanza improves self-esteem, self-confidence and a deeper feeling of empathy and compassion is gained. The dances give opportunities to unleash your creative potential and to feel more connected with one-self and others. It increases our energy and motivation for life, it awakens our desires, helps us to bring more love, tenderness and friendship into our lives.

What You Need to Bring

Avoid wearing hard shoes, trainers or socks. Bare feet are strongly recommended, but soft dancing shoes are welcome as well. Loose comfortable clothing is advisable. You may need to bring water to drink if you don’t have much during the day.

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