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Desert Island Discourse – Chat Show with Difference – Weds 17th May – Free Entry

desert island discourse at ciccic tauntonOur communities are made of many people, each with their own unique perspective on life. Many, just like you, have ideas, thoughts and opinions about the things that encompass that life, and by listening and debating with others we can find a way to understand communities, the people we share it with, and the way we lead our own life.
Discourse, which in basic terms means to debate and communicate, is one way to share ideas and thoughts, and this chat show format event with 3 special guests & host will be talking about all sorts of topics. From culture, local life, philosophy, politics, religion, arts, money, growing up, getting old, food, morals, music & many more will be the subjects of the night. Plus your chance to join the debate and share ideas.
Hosted by CICCIC director Andrew Knutt, our 3 guests will not know what subjects we will talk about until the night of the discourse and there will be no agenda. They will have some form of public life, yet still have ordinary jobs, and will come from a whole range of backgrounds.
Each guest will be asked for 3 songs that represent their life and these songs will be played during the break.

Why You Should Attend

Not only will you get the chance to meet and hear from some extraordinary and not so extraordinary people, but you will also get the chance to join the debate and ask questions. You will go away feeling connected to your local community more and can influence the way the conversation goes.
“Some of the most fascinating people I have met in my life have been discovered through simply talking to them. From heroes of WW2 to funny stories of meeting the famous. From struggles they have experienced and overcome, to educating me on subjects I thought I knew. It is through the expression of discourse we grow and understand the world better.”
Andrew Knutt, Director of CICCIC
We will be running these once a month and you too may be asked to sit on the sofa but until then we hope you can support this innovative approach to debating life and everything within it.
Free entry. No ticket purchase necessary. Bar and cafe will open.

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