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The Brexit Club by Substance & Shadow Theatre – Weds 15th March

Substance & Shadow Theatre bring you an original tale of intolerance, alienation and Findus crispy pancakes!!!
Weds 15th March. 7.30pm. Tickets £8.

916359_0_the-brexit-club_400In Detail

It’s the 23rd June 2016 – the day of the Euro Referendum and just an ordinary lunchtime in the works canteen for cousins Len Silver, Melvyn Gould and their workmates, but beneath their love of haute cuisine and jovial banter there’s trouble brewing. Sid’s Vishnu’s lentil Dahl and Don Beattie’s bangers and mash are emblems of a nation divided!
Family bonds and friendships are polarised by politics, but in the cold light of the referendum hangover, whether leave or remain – will lunchtimes ever be the same again? Is Brexit really the best thing since sliced bread, will cousins Len and Melvyn manage to bridge the great divide, or will they be left crying over spilt milk?
Substance and Shadow Theatre present a black comedy that will have you chewing over the remains of the great Brexit debate and deciding between a full English or a continental!
“The chemistry between the pair (Nathan Simpson and Midge Mullin) make for the perfect comedy duo and their outstanding characterisation must be applauded.” – The Review Hub

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