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Artist in Residence Project

Artist in Residence Project – April to October 2017
The Artist in Residence project is a fantastic opportunity, for both emerging and established artists, who may work predominantly at home, to showcase their work and gain some exposure to the general public by spending a week at the Creative Innovation Centre, in Taunton, working in a designated space within our main gallery.
The scheme is free to artists, and you can book a second week provided there is a four month gap between bookings. We will provide the space and a table and chair for you to work at. There is wall space available to you that consists of two floor standing panels 8 feet high by 4 foot wide for hanging some of your work.
We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.30am to 4pm and we would expect artists to be here on those days from say 10am until 3pm or 80% of the time, to be available to talk to the public and greet anyone coming to see them work. The public seem to enjoy watching the creative process and hopefully this will expose artists to new potential customers and also allow them to promote themselves.
The Creative innovation Centre is open on a Friday but has art classes all day so it would not be possible to use the space on that day. We would also expect Artists to leave the space tidy at the end of every day as we have numerous events on during the evenings throughout the week.
CICCIC will list details of the artist in residence on our website but we would expect the artist to promote themselves through their own website, social media etc.
Any sales will be processed by CICCIC and 10% of revenue will be taken to cover our costs.
At any stage we may have conferences booked etc. and this may curtail residency on occasional days so do check when booking your week.
If you interested in taking advantage of this scheme please contact me by email mark@ciccic.co.uk  or telephone 01823 337477 with any queries.
Mark Bond

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