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'Back and Beyond' an Exhibition by 10 local Artists

‘Back and Beyond’ an Exhibition by 10 local Artists

Mon 7th May – Sat 2nd June

Gallery I Café Opening times:  Tues — Sat 9.30—4pm (Except Friday after 1pm)

PREVIEW NIGHT Thursday 10th May 6-9pm ( All Art Lovers Welcome)
This exhibition has been curated by Christopher Dart on behalf of 10 graduating artists from Somerset College of Art.
Chris was one of the principal lecturers of the BA Fine Art programme who guided them through their undergraduate experiences and creative development.
The exhibition aims to show a glimpse of where their creative focuses are now and create a snap shot of the individuals creative journeys  over the past 10 years.
Natalie Parsley

Natalie Parsley is an artist, arts blogger and avid bibliophile from Taunton, Somerset. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 2009 and completed her Masters with University of Plymouth in 2012. When not making art, she indulges her passion for research and books working as a Library Assistant in the Academy at Musgrove Park Hospital.
Having spent her academic years depicting farming tools in drawings, mono-prints and mixed media, Natalie’s current work looks to combine her love of drawing and books with illustrating images of birds taken from works of popular fiction.
Fiona Bradford

Fiona Bradford is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in East Coker, Somerset.Fiona graduated from SCAT (Plymouth University) in 2012 with a first-class honours degree in Fine Art and gained an M.A. Fine Art from Arts University Bournemouth in 2016.
In her practice, ‘not knowing for sure’ is seen as a tool.  Anecdotal, documentary and imagined sources are channelled in a purposeful way to explore the edge-land of everyday experience where uncertainty and vagueness lies.  In practical ways this enables the transformative and mutable potential of the medium to evolve in her painting and drawing.  Underlying themes recurring in this body of work hint at no-where places, no-thing objects and hunches related to absence and presence.

Angela Wood

As science enlightens our limited understanding, enabling us to explore the evolution of our beautiful planet as well that of other celestial bodies, we are surely experiencing a shift in our perceived environments identity. Are we experiencing a shift too in mankind’s identity?  Angela exhibits work from her recent Bristol show and asks – is our future  ‘Written in Stone’?

Born in Surrey in 1942 ashar lives and works in the Somerset Levels where she paints in oils on wooden panels.  Since graduating, ashar has continually challenged her work and practice, and set expressive goals for herself; usually this is about conveying feeling to the viewer.  She is particularly interested in mark making; how this affects the viewer
Ashar says ‘I endeavour to express a feeling of place with colour and marks; and create work that has the ability to be felt by the viewer and not deliberated upon’
The pieces on show here are from her series of works entitled letting go
She has work in Private collections in the UK, Italy, Singapore, USA, and Australia, France and Spain as well as a piece in The Millfield Collection. A piece from the ‘letting go’ series of works was selected hung and sold in the RA Summer Show 2017
Amy Jo

My paintings are generally inspired by nature and landscape, and in particular aerial views of the earth, or a seascape, down to the single cell of an organism. Our created world absolutely fascinates me, often takes my breath away, and includes the intricate, beautiful, sublime, and a place to feel peace and connect to the spiritual.
Scarlet von Teazel

Scarlet is Bozena Nesporova, a Czech born artist living and working in England, leading school and community art projects on creating large outdoor sculptures made of concrete.
Scarlet von Teazel is the name she uses for her personal work that includes painting, sculpture and installations.
Her work has been exhibited in Yorkshire where she lived for 14 years and across the South West England where she lives now. She also exhibited in Prague and Paris.
Doug Vogel

“I misheard and thought CICCIC said it was the ‘Bacon Beyond’ exhibition! So somewhat incongruously, I am displaying two still-life oil paintings that celebrate the Full English breakfast. I graduated from SCAT in 2008, and the paintings are amongst the work produced at that time”.
Elizabeth Earley

I have various ways of finding my way into a new painting and often I allow my imagination to create itself on the canvas mostly using oil paints. It’s often a surprise to see what shows up, as in this painting of bird-like creatures. I’m interested in the psychology of what I produce and after the painting is finished I will often have insights as to what it is my unconscious mind is telling me. It’s a stimulating way to paint and no two paintings are the same. Sometimes it feels as if I’m giving form to my metaphysical mind.

Andrea Rowbotham

Work consists of several realities, a multiple experience of space, colour, language and form. She says “these realities depending on how they are integrated convey different meanings, or if looked at subjectively communicate a myriad of nuances. The onlooker will make sense of these ambiguous elements depending on his or her personal experiences”

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