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Hullabaloo Improvisation Festival – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November 2018

Hullabaloo – a festival of improvisation and sound. November 17/18th 2018
  A two- day celebration, Hullabaloo explores improvisation and the spontaneity that is a key part of our creativity. Although centered on music, the festival also celebrates improvisation in visual art, comedy, drama and dance, as well as wider ideas of creativity, spontaneity and imagination.Hullabaloo will be wild, unpredictable, fun and provocative, exploring the mysteries and paradoxes of ways of making music and sound that combine simple playfulness with extra- ordinary skill. Hullabaloo is based at the based at the Creative Innovation Centre in Taunton and features some of the countries finest improvisers along with local musicians and artists.
At the festivals core is Hullabaloo, a 20-piece improvising orchestra. This group has been meeting for over a year and will be giving its debut performance on Saturday 17th along with special guests local actor/director and stand- up comedian, Ged Stephenson, violinist Yvonna Magda, guitarist Matthew Grigg, double bassist Dominic Lash and flautist Tina Hitchens. There will also be contributions from local artists and film makers.
The festival will start with a solo performance/discussion/talk by organiser Tim Hill called ‘off the top of my head’, exploring improvisation, its history, forms and pitfalls.
There will be an afternoon workshop open to everyone to join in with, with their voice, drawing, writing and film, to explore their creativity.
The festival then concludes with a performance by Swine an extraordinary local based group based around artist Michael Fairfax’s beautiful sound sculptures, together with electonica from dystopian drum and bass producer Jonathan Cooke and treated saxophones by Tim Hill. Their performance will explore the secret histories and stories of Taunton with films and visuals.
For more information contact festival organisor Tim Hill
Saturday 17th
Lunchtime 1pm –  Off the top of my head: £2 entry 
A solo performance/talk/digression by Tim Hill exploring improvisation and spontaneity.
Afternoon workshop. 2.30 to 5 –  Spontaneous Combustion: Free entry
An Improvisation workshop for everyone with sound, art, film, text, dance and performance.
Evening Concert. 7.30 Now’s The Time: £8/5 tickets
A Celebration of improvisation
Hullabaloo Orchestra with special guests
Yvonna Magda – Violin
Tina Hitchens – flute
Matthew Grigg – Guitar
Dominic Lash – double Bass
Ged Stephenson – performance
Sunday 18th
Sunday Evening 7.30pm – Going Underground: £8 ticket
An exploration of the hidden worlds, myths and stories of Taunton with
Swine and films by Sean Harrisand local film makers.
Hullabaloo is an improvising orchestra. Hullabaloo has existed for over a year and is constantly growing and evolving with a core membership of 20 local musicians. Hullabaloo is not a jazz ensemble but a space for instrumentalists, singers and sound explorers to explore and create music together, involving people with backgrounds in classical, folk, world, electronic, rock, blues as well as jazz.
Swine create atmospheric sonic landscapes, worlds to get lost in! The Somerset based group conjure deliriums out of a rich variety of sources including Michael Fairfax’s sound sculptures, Tim Hill’s treated saxophones and the electronics of dystopian drum and bass producer Jon Cooke. The result is an organic, improvised sound world of tides, swirls, swamps and geologies of noise blurring inner and outer landscapes. Their new album  available at
Michael’s instruments are hewn from tree trunks to create a family of beautiful stringed instruments, elemental and evocative. You can see them at http://www.michaelfairfax.co.uk/sound.html
Dominic Lash is a freely improvising double bassist, as well as bass guitar and other instruments; both writing and performing composed music; and writing about music and various other subjects. He has performed all over the world and has been heard on radio 1 and 3
explosive bass-strumming”
John Fordham, The Guardian
following in an illustrious lineage from Barry Guy through Simon Fell … breathtaking”
John Sharpe, All About Jazz
Mathew Grigg
Mathew is a Bristol UK based musician, dealing predominantly with improvised music, playing guitar, amplifier and live electronics.
Yvonna Magda is a violinist, improviser, composer and performer based in Bristol and  Leeds. She perform using a mixture of acoustic violin, electronics, loops and effects to create changing layers of sound, texture and harmony
Tina Hitchens

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