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Creative Club

Summer Creative Activity Club for Young People – July 28th-Aug 30th

Do you want to do something which links to your interests, is exciting and creative this summer? Are you interested in Music, Performance, Arts and Design? If so we have just the programme for you this summer working with practising artist’s, designers, musicians and performers. Introduction The Creative Innovation Centre CIC (CICCIC) in the centre...Read More

'Creatives Club' Taunton – Tuesday 10th Jan 2017

Meets second Tuesday of the month at the CICCIC, Taunton 7.30 – 10 pm Creatives Club is an informal networking group that meets to provide a place where the local, but dispersed community of professional creative people can come together to share interests, bounce ideas around, spark off one another, create opportunities, increase exposure, explore collaborations and build ventures. The group will...Read More

'Creative Club' to open at CICCIC, Taunton

Over 50 local practitioners met to discuss the future programming of the  ‘Creative Club’ at the Creative Innovation Centre CIC, Taunton There were representatives from Music, Visual Arts, Performance, Photography, Film, Photography, 3 D Design and Makers, Media, Creative writing, Architecture, publishing, Graphics and Advertising. The group enjoyed films and presentations from a wide range...Read More