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“A Good Idea at the Time” Exhibition

andy davey and leo davey art work
13 Feb – 13 March 2014. 9.30 – 12.30 Monday to Friday. 9.00 – 5.00 Saturday.
An exhibition of selected work by acclaimed Somerset Artists, father and son Andy and Leo Davey.
Circumstances now allow father and son to share in their endeavours, Leo working from his gallery/studio in the town and Andy from his studio at home, both in Minehead.
 ‘To have this opportunity to show together is a pleasure.’ (quote by Andy Davey)
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In Detail

Andy Davey

Andy’s work establishes an exchange between abstraction and realism. Painting, drawing and collage exist in the work. Familiar signs, means of making marks, a particular methodology and fragments of collage left exposed make space for something that is not predicted.
‘I feel it is not important, and can even be detrimental to predict outcomes. Accidents and unexpected juxtapositions together with the germ of an idea will direct the course of the work, but it may happen that the work’s direction will change.’

about-leo-zLeo Davey

Leo’s work, contrastingly, is illustrative – Tooth brushes, paint brushes, dip pens, pencils and inks all feature in the creation of his watercolours. Working from a combination of sketches and photographs, Leo punctuates his realistic depictions with stylized pattern and a distinctive language of marks and colour.
Leo chooses his subjects from a growing collection of photos that he takes when out and about and on his travels to Thailand, Mexico, the Red Sea, Spain, Portugal and elewhere.

Who’s it For

All members of the public and art lovers generally will enjoy the contrasts in the work of father and son and those with a love of Somerset will be particular drawn to Leo’s illustrative work which often features the Somerset coast and countryside.

Attendee Benefits

An enlightening and enjoyable experience and an appreciation of the strong bond between a father and son who have both chosen a creative path but with very different results.

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