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Acoustic Music Club Taunton at CICCIC Featuring Greg Hancock

Performing at Creative Innovation Centre CIC (CICCIC) at the Acoustic music night is Greg Hancock.
Greg Hancock got his first guitar when he was about 11 years old, and quickly found that he had little interest in playing other people’s songs and started making up his own straight away. He performed around local folk clubs in Essex and Hampshire in his early twenties but then started a life of travelling and living abroad, in Spain and then in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. composing but rarely performing.
greg parsons acoustic set
After many years overseas, Greg returned to Devon and quickly established himself on the local and regional music scene with frequent appearances at a wide variety of venues and festivals.
His songs are quirky and unusual with often unconventional themes and structures. Recent work has covered topics as diverse as Syria, baldness, parents and bedtime…. and there’s always time for a good old love-gone-weird song too!
Greg plays with a unique rhythmic finger picking style, evolved over many years from teenage attempts to sound like Nic Jones, Joni Mitchell and Jimmy Page… (“and I never really sounded like any of them…” he says).

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