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South African Art Exhibition

african art and painting on display at creative innovation centre cic

Creative Innovation Centre is pleased to announce the exhibition of  20 exclusive South African paintings imported especially for viewing at our venue. These bright and stimulating paintings provide a fresh outlook on how subject matter and landscapes are translated by individual artists.

The exhibition will start December 5th and viewing is by arrangement.

About the Artist

Magdalena Boshoff, known as Maggie, is an Outsider artist**, part of the ‘Prince Albert Group’ in the Karoo Desert, South Africa.

Maggie has been painting since childhood. Growing up on a Karoo farm, with no electricity, therefore no television or radio, painting and drawing became her main entertainment. Life in the Karoo desert was remote and tough, but during the Apartheid era, remoteness was a salvation.
Living with her elderly mother, in the vicinity of Prince Albert, Maggie is rarely seen in public. A recluse, she only allows close friends to visit, but not a regular basis.
Often suffering rages, due to her bi-polar condition, she lives her life in extremes, but painting is her preservation.
Maggie’s work expresses the people, architecture and colours of the Karoo. It has many other levels, for example, the stillness of land, the vibrancy of colour and movement of the people.
Of this series, the artist refers to the work as “shadow paintings”. The shadows and not the figures, are the main characters, with each painting taking many hours to produce.
Her work is sold mainly in the Prince Albert Gallery.
As friends, we, Andru and Penny, are offering a small selection, from a larger body of work, to show.
We sponsored Maggie to create this and future exhibitions, providing financial support for all art materials, plus postage and packing costs to the UK.
All money that is raised from the sale of this artwork, will be sent to Maggie Boshoff in South Africa, enabling her to continue painting.
We believe that Maggie’s work is and going forward, will be, highly sought after.
So, here is a good, early opportunity to purchase this artist’s work.
**Outsider artist is a term often applied to work created by self-taught artists, who produce naïve art. Sometimes these artists have extreme mental states, unconventional ideas or elaborate fantasy worlds.

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