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Band Employment: Making Music Together to Build Confidence Towards Employment – 10 week Course

music course and classes for bands
10 week course starting  Wednesday 11th September 2013 – 1.30pm-4.30pm. Price £120.


This 10 week programme is designed for you!  Young people who have a passion and desire to learn and develop their musical talent, play in a band and build further personal confidence to move further towards gaining meaningful employment.

In Detail

Like you, learning about and playing music with others is our passion.  You may not be an accomplished musician at the moment but you will have the get up and go and perseverance to make your musical dreams a reality.  To help you along the way the course will provide an opportunity for you to be taught and self discover your talent in the areas of Writing, rehearsing, recording and performing music as a soloist and in small groups.
But “Don’t worry” we start slowly and carefully.
Saxophonists in School BandThe course begins by bringing the group of students together to discuss ambitions for each individual both in terms of musical aims and career aspirations.  We begin the creation of your individual learning plan that you own and records your progress.
Individually and in very small groups we discuss your level of playing ability at the moment.  This will ensure we can tailor tuition and exercises to suit your needs.
We plan the end of course project and work towards this from day one.  What this is, is up to you and the group.
With expert tutors we improve your practical playing ability through group tuition, rehearsal and music theory sessions.
It will give you an insight and some experience of the music industry in general and offer you some advice and guidance on self publicity and promotion.
Critical to the programme is employability and confidence building skills that will be practised and enhanced throughout the course.
Above all else, playing music is at the heart of everything that we do on this inspirational programme.

Young Man with SaxophoneWho’s it For

This course is for young people who have sufficient time on their hands to devote considerable attention to achieving their musical and personal goals.
You will have some experience in playing a musical instrument but you feel your confidence would grow by receiving expert tuition and the opportunity to play music and develop socially with others.
Please do not worry…. being a near beginner is fine for this programme.
The only real entry criteria is a willingness on your part to participate fully and allow everyone on the programme to benefit from your skills and talent.

Attendee Benefits

By joining this programme you will meet like minded individuals who enjoy and have ambitions to improve their playing abilities.
You will undoubtedly improve your musicianship.
You will be some steps closer to gaining full and meaningful employment.

Boy Playing GuitarWhat You Need to Bring

Your musical instrument which, of course, includes the voice for singers.
A music stand. Tuner (Guitar) if you have one. Pen, pencil and notebook.
If any of the above is a problem please contact Tim who will be able to offer advice and guidance.

About the Tutor

Your tutor will be Tim Yeandle.  Tim is a qualified secondary school teacher, saxophone player and guitarist. As a band member and solo artist, Tim has played local and regional gigs and festivals.
As a lecturer and senior manager, he has worked extensively throughout the South West and has attended regular music development courses.
Learning and playing music is at the heart of Tim’s activities and he is looking forward to meeting and working with you in music.
Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

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