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Business Website & Social Media Success

social media and website success workshop

Digital  Business – Maximum performance from website & social media activity.

Have a website, blog and/or social media presence but don’t seem to get business benefits from it? Do you need to understand how to maximize your online efforts and wish to be more strategic in the way you create content that captures your audience?
man using computer for business and social media
If so then this extremely enlightening workshop is for any business or organizational owner.
You’ll first get a whistle stop tour on what makes a website successful and use tools to find words people actually search for on Google, plus get a good grasp on how you can increase your website ranking. We’ll look at design and how it can be used to convert more visitors to customers, and explain how to create a better business focused digital strategy using effective social media strategies.
Once completed you’ll go away with confidence and a healthy amount of knowledge to make informed decisions and even complete many of the tasks yourself. Moreover, you’ll go away with business development strategies and ideas to help your business grow.

Andrew knutt

This workshop is run by Andrew Knutt a Digital design, ebusiness, marketing, media technology specialist with expertise in business development. Educated in business studies and an Associate of the Institute of Business Consulting.
Andrew is also director of CICCIC, Core Business Design, and of his own web, print and graphic design company (ADK Design); he is a board member of South West Design Forum, chairman of the Somerset Design Enterprise Network; a UK Web Design Association member, a qualified IT Technician, and pretty savvy on the marketing front too. His company is a Microsoft Partner and has other professional affiliations.
Andrew’s reputation as a positive, upbeat and passionate presenter is also a great experience for all who attend his workshops; each going away with enthusiasm and confidence.
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