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Fund Raising Through Collaboration In Schools

An Invitation to Schools, PTA’s, Governors & Fund Raisers to Share Ideas.

Everyone knows that fund raising for schools is essential but with limited budgets, cuts in government spending, and costs associated with running a quality fund raising event its becoming harder to make your fund raising really count.
fund raising with people looking at money

So what can we do as a local community of schools to get more pounds for our pennies?

One idea that is commonly used in business to achieve market share is to collaborate. By sharing ideas and thoughts and discussing options available we can work to a shared model that can increase fund raising and improve the events you deliver. We can share resources, reduce costs and even promote better our fund raising efforts.
Therefore, if you are a fundraiser at any school and believe that you would like to know more about the opportunities collaboration can bring then why not join like-minded people and share in this co-creation facilitated event.
We will discuss what events work and don’t, what resources are needed, and what challenges we face. We’ll share connections and resources and finally discover if a new group for school fundraising be formed. Perhaps there are different ways to access funding as a group or we may simply achieve better social cohesion in our communities.

Book Your Place

If you are interested in attending this event then please use the reservation form below.
Also note that this event is provided free of charge as part of our social enterprise commitment to the local community. As a ‘Community Interest Company’ we do need to fund raise ourselves and therefore charge for refreshments.
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