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Happier People Healthier Planet: How putting well-being first would help sustain life on earth.

19 March 2015 Refreshments from 2pm Event starts at 2.30
Cost per person: £3, students or benefits claimants: £1

Introduction  and overview:

Introduction by Molly Scott Cato, MEP. Though a Green, Molly will be speaking in her capacity as a Member of the European Parliament serving the entire community rather than as a party politician.
Molly Cato
Speaker: Teresa Belton. Teresa is a visiting fellow in the School of Education and LifelongLearning at the University of East Anglia.  She will talk about her recently published book.
TeresaHappier People Healthier Planet and invite discussion on the issues it raises.
Both Molly and Teresa believe that markets and economies should respond to social and environmental priorities.
Overview: We want More! Newer! Faster! Better! – but when we get it, we are often no happier.
Worse, we are damaging the natural world, possibly beyond repair.

In detail:

This talk will explore questions such as: Can we live rewarding lives with less ‘stuff’?
What really makes us happy? and
Will happier people help sustain our precious planet?
It will challenge, inspire and reassure listeners to search for better ways of living

Who’s it for:

Anyone interested in living a happier, healthier and more rewarding life.

Attendee’s benefits:

Teresa Belton’s book will be on sale for £13.95

What you need to bring:

An open mind.

About your tutor:

The event is organised by West Somerset Quakers and is open to anyone.
Molly Scott Cato http://mollymep.org.uk/molly-at-work/meet-molly/


mollymep.org.uk/                 http://happierpeoplehealthierplanet.com/
www.westsomersetquakers.org.uk     ainsworth.john@yahoo.com  01823 275 424
West Somerset Area Quaker Meeting is a charity – Number 1155009.
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