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crowd funding at ciccic

Our community loves our building & what goes on in it. But it’s old, costly to heat and not environmentally friendly. We can make a difference by investing in renewable energy & need a little help.

From a youth cafe, to artists & exhibitions; from bands to community group meetings & workshops; everyone has been using our beautiful creative space & we’ve been working hard to make it even better. But we have a problem. The 19th century building is old & costs a lot of money to heat or cool, plus the building is not very environmental friendly. But there is a solution. By investing in renewable energy in the form of air source heat pumps. We’ll put £6500 of our own money in but need to raise a further £3500 to make this happen.
If successful our heating & cooling bills we be 80% less, which means we put more profit back into the community. We can heat & cool the building with ease and offer all visitors and users a more comfortable environment that is also environmentally friendly & reduces the local carbon emissions. We can improve on the environmental rating & certificate of the building. You support the growth of a community interest company. CICCIC will meet any overrun costs.

What we’ll do:

  • Install 3 x 10kW air source heat pumps
  • Install new electrical wiring to power the air source heat pumps
  • Install outside housing to accommodate outdoor units

Why it’s a great idea:

This is a great idea because it allows us to continue our community work and secures our future by reducing our running costs and helps the local environment. The 100’s of people that use our building will benefit from this modern, eco friendly way of heating and cooling providing comfort and ease of all events, meetings and workshops that take place. Help us make a difference.

How we’ll get it done:

We will be employing a professional air source heat pump installer from Somerset.
Air source heat pumps are an amazing piece of technology. Unlike gas or electric that use 2kw of energy to produce 1kW of heat, air source heat pumps only need 1kW of energy to produce 4-8 kW of heat. It uses the outside air and temperature to heat and cool a building and having these at CICCIC means we have very little local carbon emissions.

How You Can Help

We are just finalising this project with an official crowd funding website Space Hive and we will post the link here.
Just send us your name and email address and we will send you a link:

Or if you wish to make a donation now contact us.

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