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Innovation Night – 3D Design & Software

3d image of car with drawing from CAD
As part of our Autumn season of innovation nights at the CICCIC in Taunton we are hosting a Pecha Kucha style, high octane, high entertainment presentation platform promoting recent innovations in 3D design such as ‘augmented reality’, online marketing, 3D mapping, product and service development and the ‘state of the art’ in 3D software. £10 includes refreshments.

This event has passed but reviewed below:

‘Vis Lab’ is a group of highly specialised online 3D visualisers who enjoy meeting and discussing the most up to date developments in their field of specialism i.e. augmented reality, virtual and physical prototyping, architectural mapping, online 3D graphics and marketing, software and hardware interaction and applications, video and animation and innovative project development.
In fact, on Monday 18th November a Pecha Kucha style 3D event was a great success with the Vislab team and design community audience. The night was full of amazing ideas and developments and included talks from:
Ed- Richards Bond: Gave a very insightful look at what can be achieved including the use of photorealism, hyper-realism and of course how one can use, Visual Light and 3D mapping for the built environment.
Lindsay Carr from Strand Design explained an amazing set case studies on recent developments in Product and Service design and how 3D played a large role. Finishing off with work he has done for big international names.
Andrew Knutt from CICCIC & ADK Design showed how Autodesk is setting out an education programme in UK secondary schools and how the next generation of designers will have a new set of skills when leaving school plus he did amazing presentation on the uses of 3D printing technology coupled with over 30 case studies.
Sebastian Tiplea of Videobcards explained how video is becoming more of a focus in today’s internet landscape and as 3D uses video to produce customer facing results it finished the night off with the audience buzzing with ideas.

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