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An Introduction to Chi Gung – Wellbeing & Health 5 Week Course

Chi Gung (Qigong)
Tuesday evenings — 7.15-8.45pm — 18 November to 16 December
Cost per person £40 Max No: 12

Introduction :

A five week introduction to the principles and practice of Chi Gung (Qigong) – used from ancient times in China to improve health and well-being.

In Detail:

Discover the benefit to you of practising simple, easy-to-learn exercises drawn from various traditions of Taichi.
Learn about the energy-architecture of the human body and how to use the knowledge to live a more effective life.
Chi Gung is about developing a more efficient body and a keener awareness of what is most important to you. In this way you can decrease stress and diminish the habit of thinking and worrying about what is really not so important.

Who’s it For:

This course is for anyone interested in the subtle interaction of mind and body. In China chi gung exercises are practised to counteract the effects of ageing and so are recommended as we get older.   They succeed forms of the martial arts and more energetic styles of Taichi.  Some would say that Taichi and martial arts are derived from more ancient Taoist use of chi gung principles.

Attendee’s Benefits:

Following this course, attendees will have a short daily exercise routine to practice at home. They will then be qualified to join more advanced classes with Clive Tempest and able to participate in group practice sessions in Hestercombe Gardens.

What You Need to Bring:

Wear loose clothing and flat indoor shoes

About Your Tutor:

The instructor is Clive Tempest who started practising taichi and chi gung in 1981 and draws on over thirty years of experience working with people in meditation groups and spiritual self-discovery.  His main teachers have been Master Chu King Hung, Sifu Wing Cheung and Bruce Frantzis.
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