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Jazz Night with Projet Brassens Trio – A Night of Jazzy French Music Fri 24th April

Join us for a unique night of jazzy French Music in Taunton’s candle lit jazz club, CICCIC. Friday 24th April 2015. £8 online or £10 OTD. Students and over 65 £7 online £9 OTD.
Projet Brassens Trio will present jazz interpretations of the music of the great French singer-songwriter Georges Brassens.
You don’t need to speak French to enjoy a Projet Brassens concert; Maxine explains the songs in English before singing them in French. And if you speak French then you may even want to sing along.

french jazz music posterAbout Georges Brassens

Brassens (1921-1981) wrote great songs about the lives of ordinary people and is as well-known in France as The Beatles are in England. His lyrics won the French National Poetry Prize; they’ve been translated into more than 30 languages and recorded worldwide by musicians of all styles, from classical through jazz and folk to punk rock.

About Projet Brassens

Projet Brassens have recorded three acclaimed albums, been featured on British and French national TV, and performed at festivals across England, France and Belgium.
Projet Brassens Trio are;

  • Maxine Green (vocals, guitar),
  • Charlie Hearnshaw (clarinets)
  • and double bass player Mike Thorn, (who has a particularly strong connection with French music – he toured the world for ten years with Charles Aznavour’s band).

Projet Brassens have featured on French and British radio & television and have performed at major French music festivals. One of their most recent television appearances was on BBC Mastermind.
Projet Brassens’ Charlie Hearnshaw says: “When I first publicised that we were going to be on Mastermind I was flattered when one of our friends asked which one of us would be answering questions. In fact we were there to play music! One of the contestants had chosen Georges Brassens as his specialist subject, and our job was to play a couple of his songs.”
Charlie has a local connection; he has taught clarinet and saxophone at Kings College, Taunton for about twenty years and has performed at CICCIC many times with many standing ovations.

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