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Join the £1m+ Commercial & Community Funding Club

Would Your Organisation Like a Piece of That £4m Funding Pot That Just Passed By?

income generation through innovation in public sectorWorking with Other Businesses & Social Enterprises to Obtain Funding for Projects.

This innovative event is designed to provide a platform for businesses, public sector, charities and social enterprises to work together to access funding and deliver projects locally, regionally, and nationally.
It’s designed to help you take advantage of the £1m’s given out in funding each week throughout the UK and Europe and to find partners to achieve those aims.
All forms of organisations are invited to an event that works on a very simple facilitation process by providing three simple things:

  • Sharing of funding resources and researching funding sources
  • Looking at funding streams as individual providers and facilitating interested groups to collaborate on ideas and challenges
  • Creating interest groups to work on possible ways forward and providing support and resources to apply for funding

Taster Session

collaborate on funding projects
Though this will be the first of many, in reality it needs regular attendance to keep abreast of opportunities and to network and build trust. Therefore, the first event is more of a presentation with individual and group tasks related to finding grants. Then if you should feel that its not for you then you are not committed to come again. If you do stay we will help each other as individuals and groups, and will meet one evening a month to discuss progress, challenges and work together to find solutions, share knowledge and experience.
This event is written and facilitated by Andrew Knutt, director of Creative Innovation Centre CIC, who has over 8 years in the funding research, partnership building, application and delivery arena.  Richard Holt, also director of Creative Innovation Centre CIC, will be at hand to facilitate subjects identified in bringing things together or how to approach challenges that may be faced when collaborating together.

What You Will Go Away With

team collaborating together
Not only will you go away with tips, tricks and resources to find funding but Andrew will also show you the vast funding landscape that he has become familiar with over the years. You will have an opportunity to meet and share with other like minded businesses and organisations, who like you, want to progress business and community through many avenues as possible. That’s right, this really is for people who like to look at all options and then decide where to go from there.
Andrew’s enthusiasm for ideas generated purely to satisfy funding sources will also inject you with possibilities that will make you go away with invigorating conviction for your business and the future. After all the aim of this project to help organisations or individuals to profit through the deliver of funded projects and UK/EU directives.

What You Need to Bring

We will have wi-fi and you will be requested to do research so please bring laptops. iPads, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have these as those that do will be encouraged to share.
Please bring pen and paper and an open mind. This is a possibilities exercise so keenness to be adaptive and share knowledge and skills is preferred.

Protecting Your Ideas

Everyone who takes part in this event will be asked to sign a simple Non-disclosure Agreement. This binds you to not share the ideas and discussions outside the group. Should any profitable outcome be possible a proper legal agreement over intellectual property can be provided upon agreement.

Cost & Dates

The first session needs a minimum of 4 hours as this includes hands on tasks and research. This session is £25 but each session after that is £20. Dates will vary and price includes  tea, coffee, biscuits, nibbles, etc. You need to book in advance or you can pay £30 on the door. Those that attend will be offered a second date and so forth and anyone can join or leave at any any time. Dates below.
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