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Musical Extravaganza – Friends Benefit Gig

FRIENDS-GIG-POSTER-rgbWeds Sept 10th 7.00pm. £10pp.


Come along and enjoy an evening of fantastic bands, artists and songwriters with this Musical Extravaganza. A Friends benefit gig in aid of the renewal of Taunton Community Venue: The Quaker Friends’ Meeting House. You’ll get the chance to hear from 6 bands and musicians and a licensed bar will be available on the night.

In Detail

This New Orleans Style street band of musicians from Taunton and Somerset, is clebrating it’s third birthday this September.
Described variously as: The real reason ‘Rock a bye baby’ fell out of the tree. Funky Jazz Folk, Somerset swamp, Celebration & Get down and party music. Also as: Not for sitting down, ‘Give it some beans’, Skull rattling, Energy music.
Band leader Tim Hill is a musician and composer who has lived in Somerset for nearly ten years. He has been musical director for companies like Welfare State International, Cirque Bijou, Liverpool Lantern Company and Salisbury Festival and many others. He runs the bands Tongues of Fire, The Big Noise Street Band, a community band, and the outdoor performance group Rag and Bone.
bignoiseAs a member of the Mellstock band he plays, makes and researches period wind instruments, recreating and researching the English rural music making of the 18th and 19th centuries. He has appeared in many tv and film productions, including the BBC classic, Pride and Prejudice. Tim is also an accomplished jazz musician, improviser and experimental musician, playing in a wide variety of settings since the 1980s with such musicians as Mike Cooper, Derek Bailey, Steve Noble and Max Eastley. He is a member of the band Predicate, run by guitarist Alex Ward, whose second album ‘Nails’ was recently released on the avant-garde French label; Gaffer records.
Hear more of Tim on his websites: www.tongues-of-fire.co.uk and www.rag-bone.org and www.soundcloud.com/timhill2
“An agile and imaginative soloist… he plays with a visceral power that is hard to resist”. www.thejazzmann.com
“Hill is a swaggering presence throughout the CD… visceral, wild and cathartic – Jazz Internationale
“Muscular, well developed playing… somewhere between Johnny Hodges and Dudu Pukwana”. Phillip Clarke -The Wire.
“A powerful and original saxophonist and composer” Oxford Times.
Bill and Gordon have known each other since 1994 and have played together since 2009. Have just completed a CD which is in final stages of completion. EmmaLucy recently moved into area and joined Bill and Gord as their Violinist.
1) Gord Campbell – lead guitar – has been playing since mid 60’s as solo artist and band member; played various folk festivals in Canada and the UK including Cambridge FF in 1993, Glastonbury Fest Acoustic stage 1993 & 2000, Feet First Old Time and Dance fest 1991 & 1992, various folk clubs around UK & Scotland. Also had own tv shows in Canada.
2) Bill Radford (aka Wild Bill) -guitar and vocals- has played folk music since late 50’s in the Taunton – Wellington area and around the country; has had his own TV programmes on West country TV stations; also performed in Wellington Operatic Society productions such as Fiddler On The Roof and others;
3) Emma Lucy Cole – Violinist/fiddler – lives in wellington area; Trained as classical violinist; interested in Arabic music; plays as a freelance fiddler with others.
Gibby Swaine – is a music therapist & well seasoned local professional musician of renown. Amoungst others, she plays with several acclaimed local bands including ‘Teasing the Cat’ & ‘Squeezum’. her insruments are: recorders, flute, piano accordion, pipe and tabor, percussion, and she is a vocalist also.
Gibby and her friends will be playing a mix of Traditional British, European, and contemporary music, and between them will be playing: guitar, mandola, mandolin, melodeon, whistles, pipes & tabors, accordion, and flute.
johnrobinsonJOHN ROBINSON
JR (John Robinson) has recently returned to singing and playing, after a long period of inactivity. He has a range of material that includes folk, blues, country and middle of the road oldies which he performs with both precision and passion.
Singing and playing in a fairly free, relaxed style, he tries to let the power of the lyrics dictate his performance and his finger picked guitar is used to add texture. He says; “It’s the song that counts, as far as I’m concerned”.
Keith Marsden is a self taught musician who plays in a wide range of music forms – from Jazz Triangle in Tim Hills ‘Big Noise Street Band’, to rattlles whisltes and shakeroonies with ‘Flying Folk’.
Eldritch MOONS (trio)One of his major projects is Eldritch Moon in which, along wiv Dave Morris on percussion, he plays guitar and sings his own unique songs. This music is often to be heard at acoustic sessions and sometimes includes forms of improvisation that other musicians get mysteriosly drawn into.
Eldritch Moons can even turn electric!! This pheomenon usually includes local bassist Simon Rudd; & the trio often uses the material in Keiths songs as the basis for wide ranging improvisation.
Eldritch Moon has also been known to ‘morph’ into ‘Eldritch Moonscape’ which includes various other guest players; including Tim Hill on saxes& effects; and more recently, Loise Toomer on saxes, flute, clarinet, and given half a chance even s’axaflute’! These guests, reffered to by Keith as “Zany whackateers, perform ‘musical delvings’ into the depths of Keiths creative inspirations; often based on his observations of nature.
This is ‘Fantasmagorical’ music in the truest sense of the word (if there is one!)
Asked to describe his music for this biodata, Keith said, and I quote; “It’s!!……………………..”
I don’t class myself as a musician. I was in the church and school choirs as a child but have rarely sung since, and had never really learned to play an instrument. When a local friend, Gord Campbell, set up a singers circle in early 2012, I went along with a Djembe to support him. After a few weeks I said I’d like to sing an Irish Folk song, which went down OK. So, I dug out my old guitar bought 30 years previously, and started trying to learn again. I hadn’t progressed beyond G, A & D chords back then, but In the two years since, though I still struggle with some chord shapes and picking, I’ve got a bit better at it.
My preference was for Irish Folk, and laid back versions of modern songs, but I now have a more varied repertoire, and have even written a few humorous songs. Recently I progressed to a much finer guitar, and although it hasn’t improved my playing much, when I hit a bum note there’s a much better quality of discordant sound!!

How to Book Tickets

Tickets £10.00 from: Tourist Info Centre, Taunton Library, Black Cat Records, Bridge Street, or book online below.
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