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New Local Paper Launched for Somerset’s County Town

arts and culture newspaper launched by CICCIC
There is no denying that local newspapers have been on the decline since the advent of the internet but one not-for-profit organisation in Taunton, Somerset is bucking the trend with the launch of its new arts and entertainment newspaper.
Arts & Culture has been started by business Creative Innovation Centre CIC from Taunton and will be a quarterly paper and free to the public.
Taunton’s population is already served by another weekly paper, the Somerset County Gazette, which was founded in 1836, and which is now owned by Newsquest.
arts and culture logo designed by Andrew KnuttThe editor of Arts & Culture, Andrew Knutt, said they saw a gap in the market.
“The local paper did very little in representing arts and culture in the local area and it was clear that entertainment venues throughout the borough wanted to share more than what the local paper could give. Moreover, more local people said they did not read the local paper so we created a new one that was free and delivered to 20,000 homes. That way we could ensure that people were exposed to what’s going on in our county town.” he said.
Arts & Culture will have an initial print run of 30,000, and is being launched by Creative Innovation Centre CIC.
“To help fund the newspaper we created a unique ‘Page Partners’ element which allows all arts and culture businesses to have one whole page or more at cost price. Additionally our circulation of 30,000 is a big improvement on the 16,500 by our local paper albeit that theirs is weekly and ours is quarterly” he said.
The newspaper also provides opportunities for budding writers and designers who wish to get newspaper experience.
The launch of the new full colour 32 page publication can be found at venues throughout Taunton and Orchard Shopping Centre and with 3 months listing of events it will be one of those newspapers you will want to keep.
For more information visit www.artsculturepublishing.co.uk

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