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Open Innovation Project at Creative Innovation Centre

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Core Business Design, a partner of Creative Innovation Centre CIC, is to deliver innovation workshops for Somerset Based businesses. Commissioned by Somerset County Council under the Open Innovation Project, Core will be helping growth companies understand how co-creation and innovation can help their businesses grow.

This free personal development and open innovation programme has six sessions over six months which aims to do the following:

  • Help attendees to develop their capacity to innovate and collaborate.
  • Provide a safe learning environment for discussing problems and challenges, as well as sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge.
  • Enable attendees to learn from facilitators and outside experts.
  • Teach attendees open innovation principles and practices.
  • The structure of the programme will be based on learning groups comprised of 12 people from different businesses. Attendees will be expected to learnings and to test them in their businesses throughout the duration of the programme. Sharing the experience of doing this will form a key part of the learning process.

There will be some flexibility in the programme which will enable topic coverage to be decided by the group, however the following subjects will be covered:

  • High performance networking.
  • Steps to successful collaboration.
  • Next generation social networks for business.
  • Work-life balance (especially useful for entrepreneurs and start-ups).
  • Platforms and growth models.
  • Open innovation.
  • Intellectual property.

The programme is aimed at directors/senior managers within organisations that wish to facilitate positive change and explore innovative approaches to collaboration and personal development. Although the programme is free, it is essential that all attendees are fully prepared to commit the time required to contribute and receive the most from the experience.
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