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Optimising Social Media

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A Master class delivered by Core Business Design.


Social media now plays a large role in the ranking of your website and though the likes of Google uses these social signals for this purpose what social media optimisation strategies can you use to benefit business? This mater class will help you do just that.

socialnetworkingIn Detail

Your business has social media accounts with Twitter and Facebook etc. you even have a blog or the odd video. You understand that social media could play a large role in how you do business but how can you optimise your social media activity to gain more business, reputation and retain more customers?
In this master class you will join other like-minded businesses and discover insights and techniques that will help you optimise social media activity. You’ll discuss and share knowledge and ideas on what social media activity is working or not and identify ways you can improve on your social media activity.
After this enlightening workshop you’ll go away with fresh ideas and better focus on how you can apply social media activity so that it benefits the ranking of your website and keeps your customers happy.

Who’s It For

This master class is for businesses that have not yet fully used social media effectively or find it hard to know what activity they should be doing on their social media accounts or wish to optimise their website through social media. You may be new to social media but have an understanding or at novice or intermediate level.

Attendee Benefits

Attendees will go away with a better understanding of how the whole social media landscape can be utilised plus obtain ideas and techniques to better utilise their social media activity.

What You Need To Bring

Pen and paper or optional iPad or laptop if you wish to investigate resources as they are presented.

andrew knutt talking at a conferenceAbout Your Tutor

This master class is written and delivered by Andrew Knutt who has 18 years’ experience in business, computers, the Internet and other related technologies. Andrew is an associate of the Institute of Business Consulting, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK Web Design Association and recently sold his 12 year old design and media company in Somerset.
Over the years Andrew has delivered many workshops, seminars and courses on IT, design, the Internet, social media, marketing and business development; helping 100’s of small businesses make the most of technology. As a qualified IT technician Andrew also brings a practical edge to his workshops.
Andrew’s reputation as a positive, upbeat and passionate presenter is also a great experience for all who attend his workshops; each going away with enthusiasm and confidence.

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