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Photography Exhibition "Beyond the Naked Eye" by David Spears & Michael Crutchley

Arts exhibition photography Event Flyer24 Aug – 28th September 9.30am-12.30pm. Public invitation to private view 28th Aug 6-8pm.
Be prepared to be amazed with this exciting photographic exhibition “Beyond the Human Eye” by David Spears.
This exhibition draws on the spectacular and award winning images produced over the years by David Spears and his collaborators. The images are made for many Television programmes and publications.
Special imaging methods were used including scanning electron microscopes, advanced light microscopes and special macro systems. The emphasis has always been to provide the audience with clear, composed portraits where appropriate and colour has been used to enhance the images.
If you are an interested layperson, curious about the unseen world that surrounds us then this exhibition is for you. Pupils at schools are fascinated by these pictures and a there is a special invitation for schools to attend; those studying biology will be especially interested.
DSC00402Gardeners and natural history enthusiasts will be able to see their friends and foes in close-up.
David Spears is a graduate zoologist who also holds the highest distinctions from the Royal Photographic Society and the Royal Microscopical Society.
Mike Crutchley 4Michael Crutchley’s original interest in photography evolved into a great interest in photomicrography when he acquired a used good quality microscope. Becoming aware of published micrographs of aquatic organisms, he wanted to emulate and eventually improve on what he saw. Michael developed optical and technical systems to enhance the hidden detail and beauty within the natural world.
Michael also wanted to surprise people, enabling them to enjoy and understand the lifestyles of these microscopic plants and animals. Using instruments from the 1960s and modifying them using inexpensive and easily sourced items, bringing them up to present day performance, outstanding images can be recorded. Dark field has been used to emphasise detail where warranted.
So why not come and see this amazing exhibition at CICCIC.
Both Mike Crutchley and David Spears have been selected as winners of one of the top 100 places in the international “Nikon Small Worlds” competition 2015.

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