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Red Flag

In the offices of Red Flag, skilled professionals decide what you, the consuming public see on your computer screens. Where others question the freedom of information, Red Flag spares you the trouble, censoring any material that might offend, confuse or mislead, so you can live safe in the knowledge that nothing is wrong. Anywhere. Dark, absurd and often uncomfortably poignant, we hope to challenge and provoke discussion in this exciting and engaging piece of theatre.
10th Dec – 7:30pm-8:30pm £5.00 a Ticket.

In Detail

We will be exploring the nature of censorship by giving a government corporation total control of the internet. Character conflicts give way to a deeper discussion of social stigmas and taboos such as mental health and race, ultimately culminating in with the question of what should and shouldn’t be accessible or addressed in contemporary society.

Who’s It For

Not for under 15’s. People that like to provoke discussion. People that don’t mind being challenged. Young Adults. Critical thinkers, Open minded, Involved in social media.

Attendee Benefits

They will have their perception of censorship questioned and challenged. They will find a connection between what we perceive as unjustified digital censorship and the social parameters and taboos that we work under every day. Whilst largely upbeat there are moments of intense darkness and frustration throughout the piece.
We are open to a Q+A and feedback session.

About Your Tutor

This is one of the modules for our BA(HONS) Performing Arts course, it requires us to place contemporary performance practice in a professional context and allows us to utilize our creative skills and professional abilities within a collaborative scenario to devise, rehearse and realise an ensemble performance.

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