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Social Media for Beginners

Signing up to social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is very easy. But how do you use social media for business and why does it have a bearing on your business website?
If you would like to get a whistle stop tour into social media and need some really good pointers along with ideas on what to write and talk about then why not attend our ‘Social Media for Beginners’ workshop. 
Along with discussions and a Q&A session we will cover:

  • Introduction to what a social media strategy is
  • How to find social media sites relevant to your business
  • Setting sites up with training videos
  • Why quality connections and friends matter
  • What to talk about write about
  • How to optimise social media posts
  • Why and how to blog
  • Why failing to adopt social media could put you behind the competition

Who’s It For?

This workshop is for those that have yet to embark on social media but know what what social media is or those that have social media accounts but do not use them. People that do use them but find they don’t get enough out of their social media activity.

What You Will Go Away With

Not only will you go away with tips, tricks and resources to using social media but instructor Andrew Knutt will also show you tips and tricks that he has discovered over the years. You will have an opportunity to meet and share social media questions with other like minded businesses and organisations, who like you, want to progress business by utilising the many communication channels available.
You will be more confident in understanding and using social media and get a clearer understanding how social media will fit into your business.

About Your Tutor

Andrew Knutt is director of design company ADK Design and has been in the web industry for over a decade (a long time for such a young industry). He has lectured and taught the subject of social media throughout the UK and to public and private sector companies. Andrew is also a educated in Business Studies, a qualified business advisor, and an Associate of the Institute of Business Consulting.
In 2009 Andrew created social media group ‘Somerset Business’ on LinkedIn and this group still grows today with 963 members at present.
Andrew’s reputation as a positive, upbeat and passionate presenter is also a great experience for all who attend his workshops; each going away with enthusiasm and confidence.

Extra Workshop Info

Please bring a wi-fi enabled laptop, iPad etc. so you can follow some of the tasks presented. Don’t worry if you do not have these devices as those that do bring them will be encouraged to share.
Please bring pen and paper and price includes refreshments, beverages and nibbles.

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