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Symposium – new pathways for children and young people

education psychologist and social work collaboration and innovation event
Quest Psychology CIC and Sound Thinking Ltd. had the pleasure yesterday of co-hosting a multi-agency symposium with support and input provided by Andrew Knutt and Richard Holt of the Creative Innovation Centre(CICCIC) Taunton, where the symposium took place.
The symposium was held to begin to explore ways in which a range of professionals: counsellors, psychologists, youth workers, speech therapists and many more, could ‘associate’ and innovate new pathways for supporting vulnerable children and communities. The workshops and CICCIC-led activities indicated that the possibilities are endless! Realising the possibilities may take a while however and a full blown, ‘commission ready’ organisation – if that is the direction to be taken, takes a long time and a lot of effort to establish. This is a work in progress; we meet again later in the year, hopefully with a few potential commissioners on board and at least with a view to defining the beginnings of what our fledgling group may wish to commit itself to. Watch this space!

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