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Take Five

4th – 31st July 2013, 9 – 12 noon and 5 – 8 pm Mon –Fri, 9 am – 5 pm SAT.
The Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton, has taken five members of Somerset Contemporary Artists’ Network and mixed well to serve up an exciting exhibition of contemporary work.


Diane Burnell:

‘Fascinated by the transient and fluid nature of the world, I attempt to capture organic movement and energy through a direct and exhilarating union between myself, oil paint and canvas’.

Georgina Conroy:

‘My work in mixed media is based around disregarded corners and the beauty of grime.’


Emma Duke:

‘Embracing my life long passion for nature I use my creativity to design and construct beautiful and unique driftwood sculptures.’


Sharon Goodsall:

‘Using a variety of mediums I etch or carve into plaster on board. My inspiration comes from the landscape; my love of the British countryside has led to my interest in the marks previous generations have left upon it. It has taken me from landscape into interpretation of the past, I have one foot in the landscape, and the other is in the cosmos. This is represented in the pieces with floating motifs – some grounded while others appear to float in the mists of time.’


Lucy Lean:

‘My work retains echoes of the simple organic structures from which they are derived before taking on their own life forms. The reality, for me, lies in the natural origin of the source, no matter how distant the relationship appears to become. It also lies in my own responses that observe, transform and rearrange through creative thought and manipulation.’

Attendee Benefits

The exhibition will provide a life-enhancing experience through a deeper understanding of the connection between naturally occurring phenomena and abstract art.


Here are links to the artists websites:

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