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Taunton's Youth Cafe Update (Cafe Encore)

Friday 2nd August 14.00-16.00.
An update for those interested in the developments of Taunton’s first and only youth cafe. All stakeholders welcome.

In Detail

We will be reviewing the plan for the youth cafe and providing an update on the developments and progress made in the short time we have been open. We hope that we can acquire more support from the local community in making this project a sustainable success.

Who’s It For

All stakeholders ie funders, local authorities, anyone with an interest or potential interest in helping and developing this unique and very local venture.

Benefits of Attending

An up to date insight in to the cafe and plans going forward as well as details on how people can help and get involved.

About Speakers

Adam Fouracre (CEO of Stand Against Violence, the charity that developed the cafe) and Richard Holt (creative inspiration behind the CICCIC) will be jointly talking about the youth cafe and the CICCIC.

More Resources

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