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UP OVER – DOWN UNDER Exhibition – 24th May – 17th June

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The forthcoming CICCIC exhibition is out to prove that two opposites attract. Two artists, one based in Australia and one in the UK will be exhibiting their latest work and on first impressions they seem to be from opposite ends of the art spectrum, let alone the World. 
                Nick Leavey is the principal of the Atelier Art Classes Art School in Brisbane and his latest panoramic series of charcoal drawings of Croftby Vale in South East Queensland are described by him as realist, representational and a response to what he considers to be the irresponsible and irreparable damage being done to The Land in the name of profit and greed.
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             Tony Girardot’s colour paintings, on the other hand, he describes light-heartedly as ‘eyecons’. His paintings trick the eye into seeing images which appear translucently solid but in reality could not be constructed, that’s the ‘con’ bit and nearly all are of a size which reminds you of Russian Icons, hence ‘eyecons’.
                Both artists are in accord in other ways however, both have a wry sense of humour and have had a formal art training, both advocate that hand and eye drawing forms the basis of an artists vocabulary and although there is a contrast in subject matter and style there is a unification of formal skill and integrity underpinning the artwork on show. 
                Nick Leavey is visiting the CICCIC for the first time whereas, immediately following a successful London exhibition, Tony Girardot returns to the CICCIC once again with a new and diverse series of paintings. 
Examples of Nicks work can be viewed at www.nickleavey.com and Tony’s at http://tonygirardot.wix.com/artist
The exhibition is open  Mon- Sat 9.30am -4pm
Private View May 24th at 6-9pm

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