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Video of Acoustic Music Night Featuring Jess McAllistair

Performing at Creative Innovation Centre CIC (CICCIC) at the Acoustic Music Club featuring Jess McAllistair.
Jimmy took up playing the acoustic guitar at the age of fifteen in November 2009 because he really wanted to learn to play an instrument that accompanied his singing. He was already in a small school band in the city of Mandurah, Western Australia as lead vocals, singing songs mainly from AC/DC and some of our own material but it just didn’t feel quite right. He felt as though he could progress and do something other than classic rock.
Since moving back from Australia to the UK in 2011 Jimmy has taken his expertise to playing acoustic music and decided to perform as a solo artist. He finds it a lot easier as you don’t have to rely on the other members of a band and the only thing you need is yourself and a guitar.

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