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VisLab a South West England Network of ‘State of the Art’ 3D Visualisation and Prototyping

vislab logo of 3d design group at ciccic
The group meet regularly at the CICCIC to discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge around the subject and business of 3D visualisation and prototyping. If you would like to join the group or just interest in their ideas then please drop us a line and we can let you know the next meeting date/time.


‘Vis Lab’ is a group of highly specialised online 3D visualisers who enjoy meeting and discussing the most up to date developments in their field of specialism i.e. augmented reality, virtual and physical prototyping, architectural mapping, online 3D graphics and marketing, software and hardware interaction and applications, video and animation and innovative project development.

In Detail

They are interested in supporting local businesses, organisations and the community through the creation of innovative environments and online systems to increase efficiency or effectiveness of product/services, viewer or customer participation and enjoyment.

Who’s It For

‘Vis Lab’ is for discerning people who enjoy 3 dimensional visualisation, both online and physical, product development techniques, innovative thinking and a hunger to create new and exciting interfaces using the most up to date 3 D tools.

Attendee Benefits

A sense of fun, excitement and inspiring conversation with tangible outputs through shared interests and collaborative projects.

What You Need to Bring

If you are new to the ‘Vis Lab’ group you just need to bring a few examples of your work or ideas to share with the rest of the group. A sense of humour is also essential as the group creates a very informal and relaxed environment to create a fluid space where ideas can flow.

Other Info

The group will from time to time invite specialists for professional updating and organise events for the public to interact with. Keep an eye for updates on ‘Vis Lab’ by subscribing to this website.

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