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Daytimes Just Got Better with New Programme

Why are great events always on at night? Perhaps there are more people to go to them or they are aimed at certain age groups? Whatever the reason these issues will no longer be a concern with CICCIC’s new ‘Night to Day Programme’ for 2020, and a welcome delight for many active daytime cultural lovers.

About Our ‘Night to Day Programme’

CICCIC’s new innovative Night to Day Programme is simple. You can enjoy events that would normally be on at night but during the day. So, no matter what your arts and culture tastes are we’ll have something for all to enjoy. From entertainment to participation, to special interests and hobbies you’ll love what we have planned.

This is to ensure that active senior citizens, or those with a day off from work, can enjoy arts and culture without the hassle of night time issues such as transport or simply prefer not to go out at night.

During 2020 you can find even more great day time events such as live music, film, dance and many more. So be sure to sign up to our email newsletter to stay informed.

“We all know we have an aging population but from where we are sitting, we see loads of older-generation people living an active life. If they come into town for coffee or shopping they can now enjoy amazing quality arts and culture events during the same visit. A perfect way to meet old and new friends and be part or the community we have in Taunton and indeed at CICCIC”,

Andrew Knutt, Director, CICCIC

The following daytime events are planned for the first few months of 2020, so be sure to book your ticket and start to enjoy a richer life at little cost:

Check out each event on our website for mouth-watering details and if they don’t suit your tastes why not enjoy some of our night time events too or send us your ideas for events. We are always open to ideas and suggestions.

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