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Volunteer Opportunities at CICCIC for 2019

Dear Friend of CICCIC

We hope this web page finds you well and we cannot thank you enough in supporting the journey we have taken together over the past 8 years.

Due to many constraints we are making some changes at CICCIC and need to rely on the goodwill of those who support us. To this end, we need a set of volunteers who can do a half day shift at CICCIC on Tuesdays, Weds & Saturdays each week and we are kindly requesting if you can help.

The shifts we are looking people to cover on a weekly basis include:

• Tues 9.30am – 1pm (taken)
• Tues 1.pm – 4pm
• Weds 9.30am – 1pm (taken)
• Weds 1pm – 4pm
• Sat 9.30am – 1pm
• Sat 1pm – 4pm

Please note: You selected days may have special events or there is a private hire e.g. conference, public event etc. In this instance, you will most likely not be required, but if you are it will be a serving the customer capacity role (teas, coffees, tidy-up etc.). We are also embarking on some day timing programming in the coming months and your help would be greatly appreciated. These could be all forms of arts and culture.

In return for your volunteering we:

• will pay for your town centre parking
• you are entitled to free coffee/tea during your shift
• where appropriate we also offer free entry to a gig of your choosing per month

To avoid any complications when you are there, we will show you how to get the filter coffee on and how to use the tea making facilities. Fancy coffees will not be offered by you when you are there.

The tasks are basic and includes the following:

1. Open up the centre or close (we will make you key holder)

2. Switch lights on and make good any displaced seating

3. Put coffee on

4. Steward the centre

5. Basic cleaning duties if your quiet or bored e.g. wipe tables down, dust something you see dusty, sort out leaflets, clean kitchen area, etc.

6. Greet customers as they walk in

7. Answer phone and take messages

8. Take money for any drinks you sell

9. Fold paper based event programmes

9. Advocate the centre and promote future events verbally to visitors and offer them a programme

You will be at the centre on your own, albeit that staff may come in and out. If you feel uneasy about doing it on your own we could find a buddy to accompany you. Should neither of these day shifts suit and you have other hours or days you can provide please let us know.

Additionally, we are also looking for someone who can help with making events and posts on social media and scheduling them. Pre-knowledge is required but training is also given, and the successful volunteer will work alongside the directors and do a minimum of 4 hours a week. Computer and desk space provided but once the volunteer is performing the duties to the required standard they can work from home doing this duty.

If you agree to become a volunteer we will provide the training and overview of your tasks. We would like the volunteering to start the week starting Tuesday 5th November but are fl;exible.

Please note: We will need two weeks’ notice if you wish to change or not make your regular shift, and expect all volunteers to be happy and friendly to all who enter CICCIC.

If you know of someone who has a great front-of-house personality and advocates places like CICCIC then please do forward their name to us.

INTERESTED: Download our volunteer application form and email to andy@ciccic.co.uk