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Art classes

This exciting and engaging range of short course art programmes start at the CICCIC in February  2020. Each course has been designed to develop your creative skills over a six/five week period and involves an explorative process for the development of your personal creativity. All programmes are suitable for absolute beginners or for more experienced artists looking to develop their own personal repertoire of skills and techniques

To find out more about our art classes starting in February please click on the following links on the classes you are interested in:

Print Making Course – 27th Feb – April 9th 2020, Thursdays 9.30 – 12.30pm https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/print-making-course-27th-feb-april-9th-2020-thursdays-9-30-12-30pm/
Textiles workshop (Short course 5 wks) 27th Feb – 9th April, Thursdays 1.30 – 4.30pm https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/textiles-workshop-short-course-6-wks-27th-feb-april-2nd-thursdays-1-30-4-30pm/
Friday Morning Art Class – Friday 28th Feb – April 3rd 2020 https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/friday-morning-art-class-friday-28th-feb-april-3rd-2020/
The Drawing Room 2020– 6 Week Programme – Fri 28th Feb – Fri 3rd April 1-4pm https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/the-drawing-room-2020-6-week-programme-fri-28th-feb-fri-3rd-april-1-4pm/
Photography Short Course at the CICCIC Saturday mornings 29th Feb – 4th April https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/photography-short-course-at-the-ciccic-saturday-mornings-19th-feb-4th-april/
Monday Life Drawing Class: : 24th Feb – 6th April 2020 https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/monday-life-drawing-class-24th-feb-6th-april-2020/
ART FOR EVERYONE Mondays 2nd March – 6th April 2.30 – 4.30pm