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Art Classes & Workshops

We provide art workshops on a regular basis. Some are pay-as-you-go and some you purchase as a group of workshops.

TO FIND OUT MORE : Email richard@ciccic.co.uk  or mark@ciccic.co.uk or  Call CICCIC on 01823 337 477 Tues – Sat 10-4pm

Friday Morning Art Class –Spring Term

Starting 5th April– June 21st. Fridays 9.30am -12.30 pm
( Except Easter Good Friday 19th April and residential 10th May).


woman enjoying art class at ciccic

These classes have been designed for individuals who wish to draw, paint and cultivate their creative skills, either for leisure or to update their professional practice. Each session is delivered by an experienced art tutor who will introduce the group to a variety of techniques and assorted visual vocabulary, and offer support in developing specific interests and aspirations. Each member of the group will be encouraged to progress within a stimulating, sympathetic and energising environment.

Painting and Drawing 9.30- 12.30pm
Through an innovative approach to learning this programme is based on a practical and experimental understanding of painting and drawing in its manifest possibilities. This entails such basics as observational studies, techniques, skills, methods and materials, and design and compositional understanding. We aspire to stimulate debate, identify interests and encourage originality. 

Who’s it For

For anyone who wants to explore colour, painting and their own ideas.

 What You Need to Bring

chris dart artist and tutor

A sketch book, pencils and basic paint set either acrylic or watercolour.

Each class is delivered by Chris Dart, a very experienced regional artist and talented tutor. His ability and skills as a tutor to make people feel comfortable and at the same time develop their confidence to pursue their independent creative journeys have been enjoyed by hundreds of students across the South West. Chris likes to develop a close working relationship with all his students so they feel empowered to break through their creative barriers to explore new horizons and unlock hidden dimensions within their work and creative applications.
In the event of Chris not being available the class will be taken by Janet Glynn-Smith.
Janet has over thirty years experience as a tutor having taught Fine Art to “A” level, Art Foundation and degree level. She uses a mixed media approach with drawing as a basis.

if you wish to book this course for the spring term please use the following link which is available up until the term starts:https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/friday-morning-art-class-friday-5th-april-to-21st-june-2019/

Friday Afternoon Art Class –Spring Term

woman enjoying art class at ciccic

5th April – 21st June . Fridays 1 pm – 4 pm
( Except Easter Good Friday 19th April and residential 10th May).

Life Drawing Art Class

These classes are open to individuals of all abilities who wish to develop their life drawing skills. We work in a creative, sympathetic environment using a variety of poses and models. In order to expand your visual vocabulary we encourage critical research and experimentation, and an exhaustive investigation into techniques, methods and materials. Anatomical studies, personalised expression, perspective, tone and colour, line, gesture and proportion are covered in depth.

Who’s it For

For anyone who wants to explore colour, painting and their own ideas.

What You Need to Bring

A sketch book, pencils and basic paint set either acrylic or watercolour

Tony Girardot is a very experienced professional artist with many accreditation’s who will help you to explore new ways of looking and approaching life drawing. He has exhibited widely and has a friendly and insightful nature bringing you an accessible style to his tutoring.

If you wish to book the term in advance and guarantee your place please use this link which is available until the term starts:https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/friday-afternoon-life-drawing-class-fri-5th-april-to-21st-june-2019/

Pitminster Village Hall  June 1st – june 22nd 9.30 -12.30pm

These classes have been designed for individuals who like to have fun drawing and painting and develop their creative skills for leisure. They aspire to stimulate debate, identify interests and encourage originality.

Each workshop develops observational and technical skills, design and compositional understanding.
Janet GlynnSmith is your tutor who has over thirty years’ experience teaching Fine Art to degree level.
Janet has been working at the Creative Innovation Centre Arts Centre in Taunton delivering workshops for adults as well as delivering artist residencies in the Blackdown Hills.
She makes people feel comfortable and encourages them to break through their creative barriers in a fun and exciting way to find the new creative treasures within
Suitable for anyone who likes creating art — just bring a pencil and get creative
Each session costs £10 which includes basic tools, materials and tea and biscuits.

Life Drawing Classes Spring 2019– Alternate Mondays at the CICCIC Taunton 7.30-9.30pm


Life Drawing Classes – Alternate Mondays at the CICCIC Taunton 7.30-9.30pm

£10 per session Suitable for all abilities Please bring materials
Debbi Sutton creates a vibrant artistic environment in her classes; bringing a breadth of experience to empower students of any level.  Why not come with a friend.
Whatever your ability, this class offers you the chance to improve through expert guidance.

  • Enjoyable, relaxed classes.
  • Individual instruction
  • Experienced teacher
  • Suitable for all abilities

Cost: £10 per session or £40 for the term

For more information email : debbi@suttononsutton.com or call 01823 337 477.

The course can be booked in advance to secure your place using the following link: https://www.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk/events/monday-life-drawing-class-summer-term-8th-april-to-17th-june-2019/

Art Class – Art For Everyone – 3rd June to 22nd July

Art for Everyone is an art class for people living with Dementia and their Carers.

Mondays, 3 June to 22 July 2019, 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Cost: 8-weeks plus free Taster Session for £16 (Materials will be provided).

This class, designed for people living with Dementia and their carers’, is chance to be creative and meet other people who enjoy making art.  Debbi Sutton, an experienced artist and carer, will guide participants thought a series of enjoyable exercises that can be adapted to suit experienced artists and beginners, who are living with Dementia.

Debbi Sutton, artist and teacher, has 20 plus years’ experience teaching at College and is an experienced carer.  She is enthusiastic, supportive and creates supportive learning environments in all her classes.

Creative Innovation Centre CIC is a local art centre with community at its heart, and is a creative and safe space for people with Dementia.

Please note there is a Cafe for carers if they would like to have sometime to relax in the Arts Centre whilst the class is running .