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Exhibition – Progression in Art – 5th Feb to 3rd March 2019

Exhibition – Progression in Art 5th Feb – 3rd March

Public View –  Wednesday 6th Feb 6-9pm All Art lovers welcome

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 – 4pm ( Except Fridays after 12.30pm)

Four artists from the Taunton area have come together to showcase an exciting insight into their work and how they have developed their unique styles as artists.
Andy Baker has been studying the male and female form, and in some cases abstracting the form. He experiments with various techniques from wax resist to conventional acrylic, conte, charcoal, I have also used household products such as hair gel boot polish washing liquid etc. and mixing them up to create mixed media and collage

Jenny Keogh
Jenny sees her paintings as internal landscapes, autonomous in method, but often mirroring current personal issues, ambiance and feelings.
“As well as reflecting my own personal experiences my work captures and displays its own vibrancy, physicality and dynamism. I am hugely inspired by nature, colour and growth and usually manipulate the paint using unorthodox pouring and dripping techniques to allow the paint to take on its own visceral form upon the canvas.”

Mark Court
I have worked in a variety of jobs, salesman, stagehand assistant, farrier, draughtsman and as a classroom assistant which was by far the most fulfilling.
I gained a BTEC certificate in Art from SCAT in 1984, but I could not afford to take my studies further, which I regret.
I have kept on working as an artist for the love of it, and have made real progress recently. I particularly admire Flemish, French and English painting. I also find 20th Century American art absolutely thrilling.

Simon Diver
This is a work in progress, to relate back to scenes of Skopelos Island in Greece and other scenes /subjects in order not to create a ‘clinical’ piece of art but to find ways of painting that make sense culturally, naturally and true to experience. Hopefully there is a piece of the cultural matter in each picture.

  • February 5, 2019 - March 3, 20198:00 am - 5:00 pm
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