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Painting and drawing workshops: Some online ideas by Janet Glynn-Smith and Chris Dart

Painting and drawing: Tutors: Each class is delivered by Janet Glynn-Smith and Chris Dart who are very experienced regional artists and talented tutors. Their ability and skills as tutors to make people feel comfortable and at the same time develop their confidence to pursue their independent creative journeys have been enjoyed by hundreds of students across the South West. They like to develop a close working relationship with all their students so they feel empowered to break through their creative barriers to explore new horizons and unlock hidden dimensions within their work and creative applications.

Creative development ideas by Chris Dart:

To see the latest brief from Chris Dart click on the following link : In the style of

Click on the following PDF to see a brief for creative development by Chris Dart – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary (002)

Click on this link for the latest Chris Dart brief – Home and Garden : Homes and Gardens

Live life drawing class BBC 4 Tuesdays If you check BBC4 weekly scheduling there’s always lots of good art programmes on . Alas many are on late or after midnight . I just record them when appropriate

 . Have just watched Painting for Insomniacs and Horlicks with the Cubists for instance !!!  Andrew Marr on Churchill – Blood Sweat and Oil Paint , The Art of WW11 , The Renaissance Unchained and The Art that made Mexico . Riveting stuff most of it . Anyway its all on the iPlayer . Take care and keep your pencils joyful . 

Chris Dart

Janet Glynn-Smith.
Janet has over thirty years experience as a tutor having taught Fine Art to “A” level, Art Foundation and degree level. She uses a mixed media approach with drawing as a basis.

Some ideas from Janet to get those creative juices flowing: 

Some of you have expressed an interest in being set some challenges during the lock-down that we are all dealing with.  l am hoping to provide 1 task a week. So watch this space weekly to see updated tasks.  I hope you find this helpful and give it a go. Janet

Task 1.

Using your favourite colour, create a painting from a collection of your favourite objects.

This could include a book, ornament, coffee mug ,photograph of a loved one , or childhood toy.

You may only use paint (no drawing)

1 colour and black and white.!

Size is up to you.

Task 2.

Mixed Media Collage.

At this time of not being able to travel, visit Galleries or Sculpture parks,

why not spend some time going through

all those odd postcards, catalogues,  maps ( including Gallery floor plans) tickets and newspaper articles that get

stashed away in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

Create a collage which illustrates where you have been and what you have seen.

Don’t be afraid to embellish your creation with your own drawings or prints.

Size doesn’t matter, but give yourself room to manoeuvre and manipulate your images.

I hope this activity brings back good memories for you and plans for the future too.

Good luck.




  • May 13, 2020 - August 1, 202010:40 am - 5:00 pm
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