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Heritage Image Request

Thank you for visiting this page about how you can contribute to our Taunton Deane wide community project we wish to deliver at our centre in Taunton.

Our request is to ask if you would kindly donate your old photographs of Taunton and surrounding area. They could places, people, landscapes, shops and anything else. They can be from the late 1800’s to 1980’s.

Unfortunately we cannot pay you for the use of your image but your donation will be used to help raise money for our registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company (like a charity but without the red tape). You’ll also contribute to a wider community project online and offline that will benefit the people of Taunton Deane.

What is our project?

This project has been in the making for quite sometime and its title is ‘Pictorial History of Taunton’. What makes it really exciting is the new digital gallery concept, which means visitors to our art centre can walk around and view multiple images images on each digital screen, but the screens look like normal picture frames. There will be 18 screens of different sizes in total, along with our large cinema screen which will showcase videos we make and your images may feature on.

Moreover, we have already procured many images of old Taunton and surrounding area so their will be hundreds of images for people to enjoy and you can add to this collection or visitors can bring their own in too.

In addition to visitors being able to walk around the exhibition (with social distancing measures) they can also pay a small fee to take our ‘Family Heritage Treasure Hunt’ to win prizes and/or buy our vintage style Taunton heritage magazine. Each helping to raise money for our not-for-profit centre and our community projects.

We intend to launch Aug 1st 2020 so please do help us by sending your old images of Taunton and surrounding area via email to Andrew Knutt at andy@ciccic.co.uk

We cannot thank you enough for helping us to raise money and bringing to light the amazing heritage and history of Taunton.