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10 Facts You May Not Know About CICCIC

Thousands attend CICCIC each year and what a community asset it has become. But do you know these interesting facts about the place and the people? If not here are 10 facts.

  • The Memorial Hall was built in 1862 and is now 158 years old.
  • CICCIC is short for Creative Innovation Centre CIC and CIC stands for ‘Community Interest Company’, which is a formal and legal registration of a not-for-profit organisation (like a charity but without all the red tape). It is registered with Companies House and the registration number is 08140784.
  • CICCIC’s status as a not-for-profit org also means that all equipment purchased or assets obtained cannot be sold for the benefit of the directors (known as an asset lock), and must be kept in the community.
  • CICCIC open its doors to the public in October 2012 making it 8 years old.
  • For the past 6 years CICCIC has delivered (on average 2 live music events each week). Totalling 624 gigs in total.
  • CICCIC has exhibited all forms of art and has an exhibition each month, with an average of 45 pieces or art at each exhibition. That’s an astounding 3,240 pieces or art.
  • CICCIC director and co-founder Richard Holt has a degree in Industrial Design and spent over 20 years heading up art and design with the education sector for several colleges and universities. He is also a 3-dimensional artist.  
  • CICCIC director and co-founder Andrew Knutt has created, built up and sold two companies including at IT company and a design and marketing agency. He is also associate of the Institute of Consulting and qualified business advisor. He is also a digital artist.
  • Unlike other art centres CICCIC is not funded by the public purse or the council. We rely on trading activities and donations to deliver our services.
  • The most common phrases we hear from people at CICCIC include:

“I have just moved here (or I am thinking of moving here) and wanted to find a place like CICCIC so I am so glad I found you”

“I’ve heard so much about CICCIC but have never been and so glad I have”.

“What a lovely friendly atmosphere”

“I only came for one event and didn’t realise what diverse stuff you do”.

“The impact that CICCIC has had on Taunton from the arts and culture perspective is immense”.

What would you say about CICCIC? Let us know by contacting us.

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