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Would You See These Guys? Let Us Know.

Take a look at this event and tell us if you would attend.

At CICCIC we love all forms of arts and culture and now and then we come across some amazing acts and performances. However, some can involve a lot of artists and others can come from far afield, which means they can be a little pricey and beyond our budget.

So, we are asking what you think of this act/performance and whether you would buy a ticket. If we get enough people we can book these acts and you can enjoy even more great culture at CICCIC.

Old Time Sailors

Old Time Sailors is a flashmob musical show designed to take the audience back in time through an unforgettable trip to the 19th century. Every member of the audience receives a copy of the Sunday Sailor, our own newspaper shaped program which includes the lyrics to all our songs (plus personalized postal stamps!) in order to sing along and become a Sailor for one epic night!

Our crew is composed of 17 musicians playing fully unplugged to ensure the most authentic experience. We offer a 3 hour show including intermissions to relax and have dinner with friends and family. Over 30 songs and tunes where the audience will sing and dance surrounded by drunken Sailors, witnessing an astounding show unmatched in this music genre. Everything will take place within our magnificent stage set, designed to give the audience the sensation of being inside a 19th century vessel.

“I love this idea and who doesn’t like a few drinks and a good old fashioned sing along. Plus its got to be the best Irish part ever and just as good as the Pogues or Flogging Molly”, Andrew Knutt, director, CICCIC.


If you think you would by a ticket for this event at the price of £20 or £25 then let us know below using the form. If we get enough people will book them.

Use the form below to notify us:

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