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CICCIC Art Auction Ready for Your Bids

We are pleased to announce the launch of our fundraising Art Auction where you can bid for original artwork from one of the 38 artists who have kindly donated their work.

Each artwork is in A5 size; with the exception of some larger pieces; and the artist name has been hidden. It is only when you win the bid that the artist is revealed.

“We still need to fundraise to keep CICCIC open so this amazing Art Auction is one way we can give something back. And with over 100 pieces of art to choose from its worth the browse even if you don’t bid”, said CICCIC director Richard Holt.

A bit like Ebay, the newly made auction website allows you to watch pieces of art, add them to your wishlist or bid for the piece. When the deadline ends you get notified, you pay and then we send the artwork to you or you can collect from CICCIC.

Visit the auction today and start your bid for art you love: https://www.auction.creativeinnovationcentre.co.uk

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