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CICCIC Goes Phygital

What is Phygital? Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world with the purpose of providing unique experiences for the user.

From the arts perspective this can be innovative or simply reinventing traditional ways of engaging with the arts, and CICCIC is proud to announce its full HD digital gallery within its exhibition space.

Prints and physical paintings in galleries are a traditional method of displaying art but depending on the size of the gallery one can easily go through an exhibition within minutes and at times may only display several pieces of artwork at any given time due to space restrictions.

Our goal is to change this and to extend the stay and engagement of the visitor by introducing the first digital gallery with its home based at one of Somerset’s contemporary arts centre Creative Innovation Centre CIC in Taunton.

Digital galleries can also be changed with little fuss so if a theme is exhibited one week another can follow with little hassle, and there is no cost to the artist; an essential element when engaging with communities. Plus, we can develop an international exchange programme featuring artworks from around the world as well as special themes such as poetry, 3D, video art and much more.

The digital gallery project, which is the brain child of Director, Andrew Knutt adds:

“For years we have looked at many technological solutions to achieve our aims, with some so expensive that it didn’t make it viable, so we decided to make the digital gallery ourselves. Using digital screens and Android based operating systems we have developed separate media players to manage and organise each screen. We can even change and dictate what images get viewed and at what time. But the real focus is for us to share the knowledge we have gained in building our own digital so others from UK and around the world can make their own too”.

Alongside the new digital gallery CICCIC’s phygital programme for 2020-2023 includes development of:

  • VR art experiences & inhouse VR gallery production
  • Interactive projections for storytelling tours
  • Theatre projections & interactive art AR projections
  • Using art to digitally dress architecture
  • Live streaming international culture exchange
  • International visual arts digital art exchange

Digital galleries are also ideal for digital exhibitions in museums and with the heritage industry keen to digitise archives and objects it is clear that our digital gallery can be used to bring new and interesting programming to museum’s and provide more access to artefacts and extend new audiences.

“We are lucky to have Andrew as one of the directors at CICCIC as he use to own a technology and design company and knows everything about IT and all things internet. Including future development in creating a VR gallery of artists work too so watch this space” said fellow director Richard Holt.

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