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Help Save Taunton’s Community Arts & Culture

Creative Innovation Centre CIC (also known as CICCIC), one of most community engaged and cultural organisations in Taunton, has launched a public crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help support its continuation in serving thousands within the community.

Partnering with hundreds of community groups, charities, schools and practitioners, CICCIC has delivered a diverse set of events over the past eight years. From comedy, live music, poetry, art, workshops, talks and exhibitions its reputation has exceeded county boundaries. 

After five months of closure due to COVID-19, CICCIC are proud to continue its delivery of these amazing events, but as its not publicly funded like other arts and culture venues it needs financial help to remain open so it can meet the demands of the local community.

CICCIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and started in 2012 when local residents Andrew Knutt and Richard Holt, avid professionals from the creative industries, started a new innovative way of using creativity to engage with people and bring communities together.

“We’ve had teenagers perform their first gig here, had schools involved, supported people living with dementia, delivered 100’s of community events with other organisations and charities, provided events for the older generation, a place where people can meet, and provided comedy, dance and music entertainment for a wide range of community interests.” Knutt exclaims in the GoFundMe video.

With the launch of ‘Safeguard & Help Taunton’s Community & Culture’ campaign for raising £18,000, CICCIC is hoping to continue for another 8 years and as an organisation born, nurtured, and matured through community demand and engagement, CICCIC has continually delivered meaningful arts and culture to people of all ages.

Whether entertainment, arts or culture, CICCIC is more than just an arts centre. It’s an important asset for Taunton. Designed for creatives, lovers of music, the arts, comedy and everything in-between. So, if you would like to donate to this important resource and community organisation visit   https://www.gofundme.com/f/safeguard-amp-help-tauntons-community-amp-culture

or their own website at www.ciccic.co.uk

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