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Sounds and Animations

Due to lockdown we cannot hold this event at CICCIC as we normally do so here is the low down on how we work with communities and music and visual artists to unite animation and music in the digital landscape.

Animations by Nick Bickford -Adventures of a Small Blue Something – https://Youtu.be/D2LD_VDCHbs and Trying to get it together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaIeiu2xiZw&feature=youtu.be music arrangements by Tim Hill and members of Hullabaloo

Adventures of a Small Blue Something

Animation allows me to express myself without being good with words or able to draw. I started following a group of musicians, Hullabaloo, who meet at the Creative Innovation Centre in Taunton. They make up their performances as they go along guided by their leader, Tim Hill. The mixture of flowing sounds they produced inspired movement of shape and colour in my imagination.  Bringing the creation of music and animation together became important for me. Fortunately, Tim and Hullabaloo were interested too but the animations needed to be longer and less busy if the musicians could relate to them. As I lengthened the animations, I realised that, to remain interesting, they would need a narrative:  a story, events and mood changes, as in real life. I am interested in pre-history, wondering whether human civilisation’s problems arise from our inherent nature or result from mistakes made in our early development. I realised that exploring the very beginnings of life allowed me and the musicians to create from our imagination a context for drama and events involving simple life forms from which humans might emerge. These two works are hopefully the beginning of a journey to explore this further.

Nick Bickford

Hullabaloo is a night of musical adventure, an improvising orchestra open to all instrumentalists, singers and sound explorers, you just need a sense of sonic adventure to join in. We use games, strategies and exercises to develop our ears and musical imaginations, creating music that grows and changes and playing with the joy and possibilities of improvisation.

To find out more email Tim Hill – milton3hill@yahoo.co.uk

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