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Mayor Opens Taunton Deane Heritage Project at CICCIC

The mayor of Taunton Francesca Smith opens a new heritage project for Taunton at the Creative Innovation Centre CIC (also known as CICCIC) in Paul Street, Taunton on Thursday 6th August.

The ‘Pictorial History of Taunton’ is an exciting and innovative project designed to promote engagement with local heritage and to raise funds for not-for-profit organisation CICCIC. An arts and culture centre in Taunton, Somerset.

The project includes a 17-screen digital gallery exhibition at CICCIC’s art centre where you can view over 230 old photos of Taunton and surrounding area, a Taunton town centre treasure hunt with cash prizes, a history magazine with unseen old photos and a landscape and street art competition.

“Taunton has over 1000 years of history and our cultural heritage creates a sense of place, identity and makes towns distinct, contributing to residents’ quality of life. It is a huge resource which can stimulate regeneration and growth in towns, cities and rural areas” said the mayor.

Other guests at CICCIC’s Pictorial History launch including sponsors, mayor, council and families

With the support of local historian and writer Nick Chipchase and sponsorship from several local businesses and the council, the project is just one of many planned by CICCIC director Andrew Knutt:

“CICCIC is proud to have support from local organisations to help promote and engage more people into learning about Taunton’s heritage.  Through the “Pictorial History of Taunton” project, we encourage local people to send us their old photographs so we can add it to a people’s heritage museum at a later date”

Cllr Benet Allen, Executive Member for Heritage at Somerset West & Taunton council, said:

““Bringing people into the town centre and offering activities for all ages is something that we love in Taunton and the Council supports community initiatives like this. Visitors and locals alike will find it engaging and great way for people to discover our heritage and spaces in the town.” The public can engage with one or all these activities from Thurs-Sun 10am-4pm, Aug 6th-Oct 10th and a small fee applies to help raise funds. Simply visit CICCIC in Paul Street. www.ciccic.co.uk

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