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Paint Party Volunteers Add Light & Life to CICCIC

With over 365 events each year and 20,000 people passing through our doors, and over 2000 pieces of art displayed on our exhibition walls, its no surprise that things at CICCIC get tired, scuffed and warn out.

But thanks to the hard work of 14 amazing CICCIC volunteers and CICCIC staff the walls, doors and anything that needed painting was completed at our ‘Paint Party’ on Sunday 9th February.

It was no mean task as we also sorted our store room at the back and had to get all furniture and equipment in the centre of the hall so we could work on all areas.

“I cannot believe how hard everyone worked. I felt like a foreman of a construction site, but the happy and can-do spirit from everyone was amazing. We are warmed greatly by their efforts and time in giving CICCIC a refresh” said director Andrew Knutt.

Lunch was provided to volunteers and at the end of the day they were rewarded with a refreshing drink from the bar.

“From a 11-year-old to others that were 70 years plus. I thank all who have and continue to help build CICCIC into a community focused venue for all to enjoy” added director Richard Holt.

If you would like to volunteer at CICCIC then why not visit our web page for more information.

A big thanks to: Reuben, David, Fran, John, Jill, Malcolm, Debbie, Liz, Charlie, Jayden, Ron, Steve, Maya, Janet & Joanne. Our love goes out to you for helping and we are proud to have you as volunteers.
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