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Taunton Primary School Receives Local History Donation from CICCIC

A primary school in Taunton receives a donation of 400 magazines on Taunton’s local history so each student can learn more about Taunton’s local history.

Holway Park Community Primary School has been learning about Taunton’s local history and to help expand the knowledge of each student Creative Innovation Centre CIC (also known as CICCIC) has donated £1950 worth of magazines so each student can see how Taunton looked throughout its pictorial history.

The ‘Pictorial History of Taunton’ magazine is part of an exciting and innovative project designed to promote engagement with local heritage and during September & October saw over 1000 people visit its 17-screen digital gallery exhibition at CICCIC’s art centre where 230 old photos of Taunton and surrounding area were displayed.

“The children at Holway Park Primary School loved learning about their local history as part of the curriculum and we were delighted to expand their knowledge with CICCIC’s kind donation of 400 history magazines so each student could see a pictorial history of Taunton and take home to share with their families” said Headteacher, Sue Brewer.

Through the magazine children were able to view over 100 images of old Taunton and learn about local subjects such as the Taunton Coat of Arms, how trams were used in the town centre, the history of the Market House and Parade, St Mary of Magdalene & Hammet Street and much more.

With the support of local historian and writer Nick Chipchase and sponsorship from several local businesses and the council, the project is set to deliver another ‘Pictorial History of Taunton’ exhibition at CICCIC in January 2021. Project leader and CICCIC director Andrew Knutt adds:

“When we found out that Holway Park Primary was learning about local history it was a perfect opportunity to support them with our magazine donation. Children are so inquisitive when viewing old pictures of their local town, streets and seeing what people use to look like 100 years ago. It just adds another layer to amazing things they are learning about Taunton at school. We couldn’t be prouder to be involved in such a great school project”.

The next public exhibition at CICCIC in Paul Street, Taunton is set for 2021 and you too can learn more about Taunton’s heritage and get your own copy of the 74 page ‘Pictorial History of Taunton’ magazine and learn more by visiting www.ciccic.co.uk

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