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Submit Your Art for an Online Secret Art Auction

To Support the Independent Arts Centre in Taunton – Creative Innovation Centre CIC

Over the past 8 years CICCIC have supported and promoted over 2000 artists and designers at our centre through online promotional campaigns, exhibitions, publications, workshops and events. Creative Innovation Centre CIC lives and breathes the arts and exists for the sole purpose of linking audiences to the arts for the benefit of all.


We are trying to raise funds to keep our independent gallery and arts centre open in Taunton after the disastrous impact of the pandemic on this community facility.

We know at this time of extreme financial pressures it is not possible for everyone to find money to support every good cause but we are aware that art auctions can provide a platform for fundraising which is affordable for the majority.


We are looking to create an on-line arts auction with a target of 100 artists participating. We would like each artist to submit a minimum of 2 x A5 images (no bigger than 15 x 21cm) which will then be auctioned online and sold to the highest bidder. Each image submitted should have the name of the artist, title of the work and any signatures on the reverse to create a ‘blind sale’ of the pictures auctioned. A minimum fixed price of £40 will be asked for each picture. Artist will need to supply their A5 postcard image and cover their postage. The artist can choose the surface appropriate to their work. No bigger than 15 x 21cm.


We hope to run the auction in late October with all images being submitted by Saturday 26th September. To register your interest please email richard@ciccic.co.uk.

Please do also share this to other artists you know who might be interested in supporting this campaign. Download Flyer.


  1. Can I use paper and other materials or does it have to be on canvas? You can use which ever medium you like as long it will be non-breakable in the post.
  2. Do I need to mount the artwork or frame it? No need to frame or mount work
  3. Can I send digital prints? You can
  4. Will you consider all artwork submitted or is there quality control that may refuse my artwork? We will have the final say regarding suitability of image for publishing images on line.
  5. I have hand created the artwork but what is the best way to create and send an image to you? In the post or by parcel.
  6. You ask for a minimum of two pieces. Can I send more than this? You can send more than 2 pieces.
  7. What happens to my artwork if no one bids for it? We use it for another auction in the future.
  8. What does the money raised from this go to? All monies raised will go the costs of keeping our arts centre and gallery open for the enjoyment of the arts by everyone. See our crowdfunding website for more information .